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SOME SAY my music’s heaven fed

  • Sometimes it just pops in my head,
  • Or maybe I'm just f***ing smart
  • Or have a supernatural heart?

So here's a question do you hear

  • With your heart, or with your ear?
  • My "pop music" lifts your spirit
  • "Pop" pop music? NEVER hear it! :D

Piggies went to market

Piggies stayed home

Piggies went wee wee wee All the way home

Why we rock

is your pop music made by pigs?

Most "pop music" is made by pigs. It's made to make money. But ya wanna know something? Once upon a time, not so very long ago (well, a few thousand years or so,) everyone thought music came from Muses - get it? – music, muses. They were these Greek goddess, chicks with wings who brought a little bit of heaven down here to earth. Music wasn't a platform to make money or make you think people who make it are cooler than you. Its purpose was to be a divine revelation which touches your soul, makes you whole, puts your life on a roll, (which ought to be) your soul's ultimate goal.

That's how music comes into my head. I'm not sure if it's from a bunch of astral chicks, but music pops into my head. Without reason, although with plenty of rhyme.

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easy to understand

You don't need a band

And sometimes things are better when they're not fully planned

Pop Around the World

This was made before we started our share music show

to kind of figure out what we were going to do


It won't hurt at all


We promise to burn your house down if you don't like us.

Locked Out

You are locked out of our world because you're not cool enough for us.

up and down and up and down

Sound familiar?

leprechaun gears

Our mechanics are all leprechauns. Deal.

Simple Shield

Our shields are strong, if not pretty.

stop staring

It's rude.



Wake up your dormant soul and sing :D

  • You'll Rock!
  • You'll Roll!
  • You'll Expand Your Soul
  • Is Your Mind Blown?
  • You're Not Alone!
Rock Out!




$1/ Month

  • Your Mind a Little Blown
  • But Know You're Not Alone
  • Still playing with your phone
  • You're Almost in the Zone


$5/ Month

    You're Reaching for the Stars
  • Though Not Quite Yet at Mars
  • Still Hanging Out in Bars
  • Strumming Old Guitars


$2.50/ Month

  • You're Getting in the Groove
  • Your Life May Start to Move
  • You Almost Know that You've
  • Got Nothing Left to Prove


$?/ Month

  • Your Soul is One with God
  • You've One Fantastic Bod
  • Though Others Think you're Odd
  • Money? Gotta Wad (!)

Girls (it's always girls) say...


Violetta - Vaguely Angelic Human

"(...) Keep doing what you doing ...putting smiles on people's faces     
BRAVO!!!!! ....Violetta..........................
P.S Please never change!!!!! "


(Despite all the jokes on this page, these are real, btw :D

Rain - Person Who Tries

Exceptional. I thank you sincerely for sharing. You have depth and heart in your music,  something so many lack today. Again, my thanks for sharing". - Rain.

Monikangkana - Human Girl

“ its really good .”

Music pops into my head

Some would say it's heaven fed

No, but...really? What's this all about...Here :)

  • Elvis Washington ft. Donald Trump
  • George Washington Biography, George Washington Descendant, The Education of George Washington, How to be a hero
Elvis Washington ft. Donald Trump 1 George Washington Biography, George Washington Descendant, The Education of George Washington, How to be a hero2

More Info About the Donald Trump Song :D

Sometimes we go up

Don't we all?!?

Sometimes we go 'round

'Round and 'round and 'round and 'round.

Sometimes we have several coins

I'll bet your bottom dollar I can holler louder than you!

Often our minds are in the clouds

But you benefit from the manifestation of our dreams in songs. Lucky you!!! (No, really...)

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