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Austin Washington's Says a (Temporary) Goodbye

Hi, it's Austin Washington.

Thank you for supporting my hobby (since before my voice even changed!), when I posted my first songs. Over 2.2 million of you have registered here, giving me an audience for my music. I know it's not "pop music" as that term is normally applied - but it is surely popular music. Flying under the radar and avoiding the mass media, I've noticed that, for example, I have more followers here than Justin Bieber has Twitter followers. (Not that I'm anything like him, as you all know, nor you are anything like those foolish people!) But it's just kind of amazing to have become so big, and remained so private.

Of course, I hope you all know, it's not the numbers that count to me. It's you, whose comments and suggestions have been the only reason I post my music (I'd make music anyway, but I put it up here because of you). I really feel I've known a lot of you, and imagined some of you - maybe you - when making my songs and music.

I'm closing this site now, at least for a while, to concentrate on the promotion my new book, The Education of George Washington.

The reason is, the internet being what it is, serious people looking for serious information about a serious book coming across a music site might become befuddled and confused. I thought Austin Washington was an author? A speaker! A promoter of values! What's he doing, singing? And writing songs?

My best songs, I know from what you've told me, have promoted values, and good things like that. But I just don't want people to be confused. The best things I've ever heard are when people have told me a song I made changed their life. If that only happened once, that would make it all worthwhile. It honestly would.

But it's happened a lot more often than that...

For those of you searching for information about my book, and stumbling across this site, here is the first song I ever posted, Falling Out of Time. As you'll hear, it's not pop music at all. I still remember one of the first comments someone gave me, saying she'd had some big problem, heard the lyrics, and knew just what to do. If I start hearing the same sorts of things about my book, I will be very happy.

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Austin Washington on Record Companies

One thing I learned, not so surprisingly, I suppose, is that record companies probably aren't such bad things, after all. I mean - I never could have written my book without my publisher's help. Can record companies be that different, for music? I have an editor I would email chapters to, who would encourage me to be more - fun? - even if it's a kind of history book, which I'd never have the courage to do, otherwise. And she would delete the less than perfect parts, and offer suggestions.

Then, a whole team of people summarised the ideas of the book to put on the book's cover - people do judge books by their covers, btw. And they designed several covers, 'til they finally got one that conveyed the true essence of the book.

And so much more. The book wouldn't, and couldn't, exist without the publisher.

So, maybe, sometime, when all the publicity for the book is done, I would, finally, like to work with a record company, to help me organise and "package" and - hey, it's America! - sell, some of the inspired musical ideas that have popped into my head (my version of "pop music", for me - if not Miley Cyrus!).

Music will never stop popping into my head, but, now, at last, I see the value in working with large companies to make dreams tangible. I never thought I'd think this.

Music that has Popped into My Head Most Recently

Making music is a kind of therapy to me. If I'm really depressed, a song can come - can pop into my head, as if by magic - and save my mood, enhance my life, make my heart sing again. It truly is a miracle to me, when these kinds of things happen.

Here is the most recent example. I'd just seen someone die - it's kind of a long story, but the person's last breath was, literally, one I'd breathed into the person's mouth, while trying to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It was even a bit more dramatic than that, as at some point the emergency medical people came, and told me there was nothing more to do. I defiantly breathed one more breath into the person's mouth, and...with the exhalation, you could still hear the character of the person's voice, somehow.

She was supposedly already dead.

I felt this person's spirit around me a lot in the weeks following that incident. One thing, that held significance, fell down on a shelf, weird coincidences happened, a door opened when I was walking towards it, that may have been blown by the wind, but it was a unique occurrence for a door I went through many times every day.

And then, on Christmas afternoon, I was alone for a few hours, and this song just - it just popped into my head (pop music) - it just came to me, words, music, everything.

Well, here it is, anyway. Cheers. Buy the book (or Amazon).

Temporary Lyric Video...Flying, by Austin Washington

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