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"(...) Keep doing what you doing ...putting smiles on people's faces     
BRAVO!!!!! ....Violetta..........................
P.S Please never change!!!!


Pop Music's Goal is to make Good Music Popular

We're starting by making bad music popular (it's easier that way...then, work our way up.)


To see our good music project, go here (


Here's our bad music:


Our experiment is a simple one. We put a song up here. You spread it around. It becomes enormously popular. We're putting it up on Youtube etc., soon, so you can spread it. Check back. Then, we'll see what we can accomplish together...


The idea is, if we can make a Donald Trump song popular, we can make anything popular. Even extraordinary music. Which, to repeat, we're doing at Here, btw, is the first video of the Share Music project.




wanna join our fight
to make things right?
(or make things wrong
and listen to the same old song)


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NB This comment (below) was NOT about the Trump song:D

Exceptional. I thank you sincerely for sharing. You have depth and heart in your music,
something so many lack today. Again, my thanks for sharing
. - Rain




History of Pop Music

Our ancestors, living in caves, gnawing on the bones of animals they'd killed and eaten, figured out that by blowing into hollowed out bones in just the right way, they made noises that reminded them of birds.

Over years - centuries? - no one knows - they worked out how to put holes in the bone, like a modern flute, so they could create tones (FYI, it seems they created pentatonic scales before speech.)


These bone flutes still exist, some from before the time people are thought to have uttered their first syllable.


Think what this means: People made music before speaking.

It must have communicated something.


But what?

In a world in which the entire human population was, maybe, 30,000, where you could have walked from England to France (because of the ice), in which western Europe was still filled with animals we can barely imagine – giant lion-tigers, man-eating bears, mastodons – in a world with no air pollution or light pollution, with the night sky streaming with stars, as you sat protected by the fire at the mouth of your cave, and first heard the sounds from a bone-flute, what did you think? What did you feel?

We've come a long way since then, and for a long time it was mostly up. Handel, Bach, Mozart, The Beatles...these were all peaks, in various ways.

How does Miley Cyrus compare?

The purpose of is to restore the magical mystery of music to music.


You may contribute anything you like, while I, and my incredible friends and acquaintances, will continue finding, creating, and sharing music that at least attempts to make you feel as your ancestor did, sitting behind the fire in her cave, hearing a bone flute for the first time...


Music should be magic. is dedicated to making music magical again.


Not a commodity. Not entertainment.




These Links are More for What Other People Think of as Pop Music. If That's Your Thing! :D

Pop Music TV •Top Pop Songs Charts Everywhere • iTunes Top Songs Music Chart • Pop music free email


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